Helping Us Locate Neighbors

Each house has been assigned a unique house number as a part of their 911 street address. Please mark your house number on your mailbox or sign post at the end of your driveway.

When you call 911 this information is automatically displayed on the 911 dispatcher's computer screen. This is the information that is relayed to us at the fire department so we can locate your house. From time to time we are delayed because a 911 street address number is not visible from the road.

Please help us by posting your number in an easy to locate place. Reflective numbers at least 4 inches in height are the best for us to see on a dark or rainy night. The Fire Department, the Police, the Ambulance Service and even the Pizza delivery guy all need to be able to find your house so please make sure your address is clearly visible so we can find you!


The Cowichan Bay Fire Rescue does recognize there are many places to purchase these signs, but if you are interested please check out E – E-Z-See is a Vancouver Island owned and operated business providing a variety of colors and designs including their Patented Triangle Signs can be read day or night with a full 180 degree view!